Two Big Feet Testimonials

Justin prides himself on being the “Family Tree Guy,” and that same family focused approach is woven throughout his business. We’re proud of the work we’ve done for our clients, and even more proud of the kind words they’ve shared about their experience with Two Big Feet Tree Pruning and Removal.


Ryan Benteman
September 29, 2021

Justin and his crew trimmed up two mature trees and removed four smaller trees. They did a fantastic job of the trimming and removal, I didn't realize our trees could look that good! When they were done they removed everything, cleaned up, and they didn't leave any limbs behind. They worked hard and got an impressive amount done in the day. Don't bother looking around, you found your tree guy!

Erika Lowery
July 26, 2021

Justin and his team were AWESOME! Very professional and great prices. I highly recommend Two Big Feet Pruning & Removal to anyone.

Dawn Thompson
December 4, 2020

Exceptional Tree Service! Very fair pricing, professional and completely cleaned area. I've had several different tree services trim our trees and Justin and his team, by far, did the best job.

Jim Fuller
July 26, 2020

Justin and his excellent crew did work for us and we could not be more well pleased. They were efficient, did the work to perfection, and all at a very reasonable price. Two Big Feet is just the best!

Michael Smith
July 13, 2020

Justin and crew took out a very hard to get to tree at a very good price. He and his team did an awesome job and I would recommend his services to anyone. Give him a call and see what he can do for you.

Beverly Smith
July 13, 2020

Justin and his team are the best guys to hire for your tree service! Our tree was in a tight area and he was able to take it down with ease!

Jim S
April 16, 2020

Justin and crew were outstanding. They were on time, completed the job actually better than I anticipated, totally professional, and cleaned up the area when done. Highly recommend them to anyone. AA++ in all categories.

Tom Platt
July 13, 2019

Justin and his team are great. Very professional, highly skilled, and fair prices!

Ray Coffey
November 8, 2018

Justin is a great neighbor and a very skilled arborist. He has done several projects for me from removing a large pine tree, trimming out dead branches as well as opening up the canopy. His clean up after is awesome.

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